I once spoke to a room of bright, professionals who all happened to be CPAs. Each was there, of course, to get a portion of their requisite CPE credits. About an hour into the class, these perfectly nice CPAs who ranged in age from 26 to 56 began to laugh more. Smiles circled the room. The discussion escalated around various business tax matters. An hour flew by, then another, and another.

Before we knew it. Eight hours were gone. CPE credits were earned. The energy in the room emanated out across the hall where the audit class wondered what ‘all the fun’ was about.

If only they knew.

With a handful of four and five star rating sheets, the class ended with one participant hissing, “I came here for CPE NOT to be entertained.” Clutching his one-star sheet, he sneered as he left the class.

The Fabulous Tax Babe is all about tax CPE that is fun, entertaining AND powerfully technical.

Not technical without fun.

Not entertaining without technical.

All three – fun, entertaining and technical.

If you are looking for a CPE instructor who helps CPAs remember a time when taxes were fun, and CPE that gives CPAs a reason to jump with anticipation, come back to work energized, and filled with relevant tax information, then give me a call.

The Fabulous Tax Babe Presents the Following Topics


  • State and Local Tax
  •  Federal Taxation
  •  Tax Structuring for Profits


“Pam is an odd mix of accounting, business know-how, and Tony Robbins. I didn’t realize that CPE could actually be enjoyable. Not only do I look at taxes differently, I think about business altogether more creatively. It seems hokey to say this changed my life, but it certainly has shown me something I never knew was inside of me.”  - Mark Weber, Senior Accountant with Regional Accounting Firm


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