Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a building somewhere near Wichita, Kansas, a fabulous CPA worked for a wonderful company in the oil & gas industry. For nearly two decades she toiled behind the scenes and created fabulous accounting magic. Then, one day, she had a bright idea to enter into the world of public accounting.

Within months, she packed her bags and jetted off to Dallas, Texas where she spent several years working with one of the biggest accounting powerhouses in the world.

After nearly three years at the big powerhouse company, she realized her heart resided in working directly with business owners to make their dreams come true. So, she packed her laptop, saddled up her car and took herself across town to a regional accounting firm where she met many wonderful, hard-working entrepreneurs who dreamt of making the world a better place.

Then, one day, an organic farmer from New York state swept the CPA off her feet. She said “I do” to Darryl, the farmer, his farm and a life filled with adventure. That’s also when she became the Faaaabulous Tax Babe and when she began to share her unique, practical tax wisdom with CPAs across the country. Since that time, the Fab Tax Babe has criss-crossed the country, racked up air miles and filled young and mature minds from the greatest accounting firms in the country.

Pamela J. Davis-Vaughn is a practicing CPA and also is one of the top-rated speakers for Surgent-McCoy for local, state and federal tax. She is a business owner, just like her clients, and is passionate about sharing tax insights that make business dreams come true.

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