Like it or not, many accountants are what I call ‘reporters.’ They take numbers and report them. You can find reporters in small firms, in big firms, in public accounting firms. These CPAs run reports with lots of numbers and then put those numbers in boxes on tax return forms. In the case of audits, they report what they see in the numbers.

Beyond the land of reporting is a place I call, business accounting. Accountants who fall in this category are passionate about their clients’ businesses. They tend to be curious. They ask a lot of questions. They want to know why you want to build your business. Because, the why may lead to a solution that you may not even know exists. That why may be the most important accounting information this kind of accountant learns about your business. And, this has nothing to do with the numbers, so to speak.

I am a CPA who falls into the latter category. I like to think I help my clients make their dreams come true. Accounting is just one of the tools I use to help them achieve their dreams. Uniting a strong understanding of business, a deep knowledge of taxes and tax structure, we work together to craft a business and suite of solutions that support your business – and your dreams.

If you are looking for a CPA who is not your ordinary reporter, give me a call.

I currently only accepting new multi-state tax consulting clients, and work with both proactive, multi-state accounting firms and innovative, leading edge corporations. I am not accepting new individual tax clients at this time.


The Fabulous Tax Babe speaks on many accounting and tax topics, including:

  • Pass-through Entities
  • Pass-through Taxation
  • Federal Taxation
  • S Corporations and Corporate Tax Partnerships
  • Corporate Tax Strategies
  • Basis Calculation
  • Individual Taxation Tax Updates